Our Story

Our Story

Amber and Tim met in early 2010 at a house party hosted by a mutual friend who later would become a Bridesmaid in their wedding. The first interaction they had was playing Rock Band together and it wasn’t long before they realized they both enjoyed games and music. Over time the two became best friends.

Their first date was late in 2012. Tim made chicken parmesan and brought over three roses, one red, one purple and one yellow. It was then that Tim asked if Amber would be his girlfriend. As you can probably guess, she said yes.

Amber and Tim have had many adventures together: Amber’s first time to Disneyland, trips to the Ocean and to Leavenworth, exploring the EMP and the Pacific Science Center, visiting Portland and Napa Valley and something that has become a favorite of theirs, annual trips to Ashland Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It was their love of theater that gave them the inspiration for their proposal.


The Proposal

After their first trip together to Ashland, Tim and Amber discovered the Seattle Shakespeare Company and stated attending Seattle based performances. After their second trip to Ashland in 2014, they already knew they wanted to get married. It was just a matter of when. The two had been saving for a house; however with their three year anniversary coming up they decided it would be more beneficial to get married first and buy a house in the next couple of years. Let the planning begin!

Tim and Amber began planning. They planned all of the major details and then started on the smaller ones. They even ordered rings and realized they didn’t have a special occasion coming up during which they could propose. But it was Shakespeare in the Park season. August 9th was the closing night of As You Like It. Both of them knew they were going to be proposing, but they didn’t know who would ask first. After the play they went for a walk by the water. Tim was nervous, proposing was important and special so he wanted to make sure he did it right. Amber already knew what she wanted to say. It was only three sentences, but she had been dying to saying it all week as that night drew closer and closer. She asked him if he would marry her and he said yes. He asked her if she would marry him and she said yes. They both said yes, pulled out the rings they had for the other person and put them on.

It was a proposal where they both said yes.